Hand Care


Anti Bacterial Soap 800ml 6pkCitrikleen 4LHand & Body Soap 800ml 6pkHand Patrol 250ml
A non-perfumed anti-bacterial soap formulated for use in food hygiene areasA citrus based heavy duty hand cleaner with grit. Comes complete in a dispenser packHead to toe body soap. pH balanced, contains special conditioners to clean and condition both skin and hair. Suitable for use in Qualchem 800ml soap dispensersPowerful hand sanitiser that evaporates to leave hands dry and sanitised without the use of a towel or air dryer. Contains moisturisers to keep hands soft, prevents drying and cracking.

Hand Sanitizer 800ml 6pkSerene 5L
A gently foaming pearlised pink, cosmetic-grade lotion hand soap with a pleasant fragrance. Specially formulated to suds-up and remove the most stubborn dirt and oils, while rich emollients clean and High quality pearlised liquid hand soap for use through dispensers. MAF approved.