Bathroom & Toilet Cleaners


Ammosan 5LArtec 5LPansan 5LPowersan 5L
Ammoniated bath, tile and hard surface cleaner.Shower & Tile descalingMild phosphoric acid based daily toilet and urinal cleaner with a lingering Pot Pourri fragrance.Cream cleanser containing mild non-scratching abrasives with a fresh lemon fragrance. Cleans and shines in one operation.

Shower Power 5LSnobrite 5LUrinal Blocks 4kgMountain Air Deodorant Tablets 3.5kg
Specifically formulated to clean the soap/body fat build-up from baths, showers and handbasins.Concentrated liquid bleach containing Sodium Hypochlorite. Removes stains, deodorises and disinfects. NZFSA approved.Deodorise and Sanitise Blocks of perfumed crystal for use primarily in urinals as a deodoriser and bacteriacide. Also suitable for areas harbouring unpleasant odoursToilet Block containing paradichlorobenzene with a lingering fresh citrus odour.