SEBO Polisher

SEBO Polisher

Wet wiping can be reduced by as much as 90%                                                                          

  • It has never been easier to let hard floors look like new                                                                                               
  • The innovative Ultra-High-Speed (UHS) Floor Polisher SEBO DART UHS works with a new patented drive disc
  • Its automatic torque controlled height adjustment guarantees that the floor pad is at the optimum setting
  • With a rotation of 2000 rpm and with a resin containing micro diamonds coating the floor pads, the UHS polisher creates a unique gloss effect on the floor surface
  • This is optimal floor care, only from SEBO – easy and without the use of chemicals
  • The UHS-floor polisher is  available as a separate extension for the SEBO K3 Vulcano & K3 Premium, SEBO Felix & Dart series  

         RED Floor Pad - Treatment of scratches on surface & preparation for yellow pad        

              YELLOW Floor Pad - Restoration of higher gloss & preparation for green floor pad

            GREEN Floor Pad - Maintenance of high gloss on the surface

            BLUE Floor Pad - For use with polished floor finishes


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