IPC CT40 Scrubber

IPC CT40 Scrubber
  • Great productivity  - huge solution tank capacity in minimum external space, extensive running time,
    solution control with automatic stop, brush control with automatic "delayed" stop
  • High Performance - solution distribution from brush centre, exclusive squeegee system assures high
    performance at low cost, high quality & performance vacuum motor
  • User friendly - great manoeuvrability thanks to weight distribution, great visibility whilst working,
    designed to assure minimum noise levels, easy to use control panel, battery level indicator
  • Low maintenance costs - inlet & outlet filters for maximum solution tank protection, anti foam system,
    brush replacement without tools, easy access to internal compartments
  • Robust Construction - tanks & surrounding body in high density polyethylene, oil bath reduction gear box,
    brush head designed to absord harsh impact, panel control switches protected agains water & humidity


Technical Data   CT40  C 50 CT40  B 50 CT40  BT 50
Scrubbing width  mm 500 500 500
Suction width mm 815 815 815
Number of brushes   1 (disc) 1 (disc) 1 (disc)
Solution tank capacity l 40 40 40
Recovery tank capacity l 50 50 50
Power Supply   220-240 V 50Hz 24V (2x12V) 24V (2x12V)
Weight (net) Kg 90,5 68 76
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 1230x516x960 1230x516x960 1230x516x960


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