SEBO Dart 2

SEBO Dart 2

Clean to the last dust particle!

The SEBO Dart featured with a unique turning swivel neck and an integrated hose handle,
sets new technical standards using the most modern techniques but also higher standard
as your new professional cleaner.

An extraordinary material combination of synthetic and textile elements make sure that he
also looks as prestigious as he works. The electric power head SEBO ET is available in two
working widths. You can clean commerical areas conveniently and thoroughly, right to the last
dust particle.

The 3-step S-Class filration, anti-allergy hospital grade filration system is the perfect choice for
customers with allergies & asthma.  


  • Two motors
  • Suction motor maximum 1300watt
  • Brush motor maximum SEBO ET2 200watt
  • 4 level ET height adjustment
  • Filter Bag 3.5L, 3-layer
  • Crevice nozzle is included
  • Weight 7.2kg 
  • Action radius - 10.5cm
  • Working width 37cm

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This is optimal floor care only from SEBO without the use of water or chemicials

* The innovative Ultra High Speed (UHS) floor polisher works with a new patented drive disc
* It has never been easier to let hard floors look like new
* Wet wiping can be reduced by as much as 90%
* Its automatic torque controlled height adjustment guarantees that the floor pad is at the optimum setting
* With a rotation of 2000rpm & with a resin containing micro diamonds coating the floor pads, the UHS polisher creates a unique gloss effect on the floor surface

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